How To "Hack" Your Social Media Profile To Attract a FLOOD of BUYERS
That Pay, Stay & Refer!

The Social Influencer Formula Mini-Workshop is a "take-you-by-the-hand" virtual workshop along with several high-converting, fill-in-the-blank set of tools and templates that transform your social media profile into a powerful business generating machine that will effortlessly turn your LIKES & COMMENTS into CUSTOMERS (because likes and comments don’t pay the bills).

And it works even if you have NO IDEA how to convert your  followers into
paying customers!

Here's the deal:

I want to show you how to get unlimited buyers from your Facebook Profile and Facebook groups.

I'll give you everything (trainings, scripts, templates and software) to learn how the process works so you can use it for your new or existing business. 

There's no catch... no gimmicks...

Click the button below to get your hands on this now. You won't regret it.

“The Social Influencer Formula" IS NOT a Course

It’s NOT a 127-page, little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secret e-book.

It’s NOT a 37-hour social media marketing course full of theory but lacking in action.

It’s NOT a pack of   based on no (or very little) experience.


These provens frameworks are easy to implement yet incredibly powerful. 

They will empower you to:

Position yourself as a trusted and sought out authority in your marketplace.

Get your perfect customers and clients reaching out to you.

Build an audience of hungry buyers organically.

Here's Some of What We're Going to
Go Over In This Mini Workshop:

The 5 Step Framework That Turns Social Media Profiles Into BUYER Attraction Machines

Discover how to "optimize" your social media profiles to sell more of your products & services online and build you a list of raving customers...INSTANTLY!

How to Identify Your Perfect Audience of Buyers & Where They Hang Out

Learn how to identify the language your ideal buyers use and the communities that are teaming full of them so you can connect with them easily. 

How to clean up your FB friends list & fill It with Ideal prospects for your products, service or opportunity.

Find out how removing inactive and unengaging FB users from your friends list forces FB to BRING YOU more of your Perfect Buyers and how you can automate your List Cleaning.

How to easily Create Content that Engages & Attracts Your Ideal Customers & builds your authority quickly.

"Content is king." When done right, your content does all the selling for you and you'll start to get more appointments, referrals, leads and sales consistently and predictably.

How to automate 95% of your content posting and engagement with your audience.

Uncover a powerful tool that schedules FB Posts on your Profile Or Business Page, so you never forget to provide value to your audience. IT even engages automatically and personally with each of your prospects!

Plus a ton more solid actionable, profit producing content... 

Here's Everything You Get (Plus ALL The Bonuses)

3 hour Mini Workshop with "Over The Shoulder" Trainings ($997 Value) 

Profile Funnel Checklist to help you optimize your SM Profiles ($97 Value) 

BONUS: 1 Month Free Trial to LeadsBox Facebook CRM Software ($97 Value) 

BONUS: Custom Facebook Profile Audit ($197 Value)

BONUS: 5, 6 Figure Case Studies  ($197)

BONUS: Private Facebook Mastermind ($Priceless)


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